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Start with a good communications plan.

At great place to start changing and improving the way you communicate about your company begins with a solid planning process that results in an effective plan.


We will work with you to examine your past and current communications and promotional activities to arrive at a working plan that will move your company forward. A great plan builds your confidence in what you are doing. It also evolves as we examine what is working and what is not, making changes as needed. When it comes to planning, the planning process can be as valuable at the plan itself.

Tell and share

your story

Your business grows as you build relationships with your customers. Relationships are built by telling your story to those who want to know who you are, how and why your business started, and what makes your products and services special.


Every business has a great story (or many stories) behind it. We work with you to share your story. We also work with you to create positive word-of-mouth about your company and what it has to offer.

Duane and Beth Kanagy

Gettysburg, PA


The right print

strategy is critical

Print promotional pieces (brochures, flyers, etc.) still play an important part of any communications toolbox. Your company's communications plan will look at all your print promotional materials and where they fit in the overall communications picture. We bring years of experience in creating attractive printed pieces that people want to read to work for you. 

Craft an effective digital strategy

On the digital front, we will work with you to gauge the effectiveness of your existing website and help you determine if a change is needed. We will help you craft your online messaging and website content to tell a consistent story about your company and what it has to offer. A solid social media strategy is essential to help your business build awareness among all audiences.

Follow up and improve as needed

You've already invested time and effort into creating an effective communications plan for your business. It is now critical to follow up periodically to make sure the plan and its components are working and that necessary changes are made. Follow up can help build confidence in what you are doing and add value to what has already been accomplished.

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